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old hamburg

12 Apr Germany

The first impression most visitors have of Germany is how up-to-date most of the country is. Streams of vehicles fill its autobahns while the concrete and glass towers of Frankfurt, the country's financial and economic center, show off its economic wealth and success. But beneath...

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22 Feb Copenhagen

The great cities of Europe have their splendor, but Copenhagen has its charm. Bright, clean and rich in history and tradition, Copenhagen is a cosmopolitan city, a quiet place where swans glide peacefully on placid lakes and where people congregate to feed the birds and...

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london waterbus

20 Jan Ways to Get Wet in London

Plan to chill out during your London summer holiday at these pools, parks, clubs, water parks and boating lakes that are easily accessible by Tube, bus or taxi. Whether you want to let the kids burn off some steam at a waterpark or treat yourself...

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